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Tulle Wedding Decorations

Tulle wedding decorations can make your wedding unique and memorable.

It can be incorporated into your pew decorations, bows and flower arrangements.

The fabric can be used indoors or outdoors.

Plus, it is amazingly inexpensive and comes in a variety of colors.

You can purchase the fabric online or at any local fabric or hobby shop.

Tulle Wedding Decorations For The Ceremony

Picture of gold candlestick with tulle wrapped around it for wedding decoration

Starting in the church, one of the most commons places that tulle is used is on the church pews.

It can be draped from end to end on each pew. Or you can drape the tulle on the back of the pews you want reserved for family or special guests.

By using pew hooks, you can drape the tulle onto any surface.

You can also decorate the hooks by attaching bows or flowers to the outside of the hook with a hot glue gun for a more finished look.

Picture of white rosebud with white ribbon and white tulle for a pew decoration.

Stairway banisters and altar railings can also be wound with the fabric.

Picture of tulle used to tie flowers to the stair banister.

Another decorating tip is to drape the doors and windows in the church with the tulle. You can also add small white lights or ivy to the draped material for a more dramatic effect to your decorations. 

Tulle can also be used on the wall behind the alter. Tie the swags of material with ribbon. The ribbon can be tied randomly or at the upper right and left corners of the swag.

Just be sure not to overdue the tulle decorations. Too much can take away from the beauty of the wedding and can actually become gaudy.

Tulle Wedding Decorations For An Outdoor Ceremony

Picture of beach with white covered chairs with blue tulle bows tied around them for wedding

For an outdoor wedding ceremony, tie tulle bows around the back of the chairs.

Or wrap the fabric around the columns and railings of a gazebo or tree trunks.

Mix and match the colors to go with your wedding colors.


Picture of purple tulle used to mark the way to the wedding site.

Another decorating idea is to mark off a walking path or aisle.

Rent wreath stands and rope the tulle across the hooks, spacing the stands several feet apart. Decorate each stand with flowers or a wreath.

Or make an aisle by using six metal drapery rods as polls to form a center aisle (three on each side). Swag or drape the tulle across the aisle, attaching it to the drape rods.

If you are using seating chairs for an outdoor wedding, attach the tulle to the chair at the end of the first row - the chair that is next to the aisle.

Drape the tulle and then attach it to the chair behind. Continue attaching the material to the chairs at the end of the rows until all the rows have tulle connecting them.

Do this on both sides of the aisle.


Picture of hot pink tulle used on wedding cake table.

Use tulle to designate a special table at the wedding reception - such as, the gift table, the cake table and the bride and groom's table.

Don't forget that you can incorporate small white lights for a fairy tale effect or intertwine pearls for an elegant venue.

To save money, use tulle to tie around your chairs, instead of using full chair covers.

Picture of cake table with white tulle used to decorate.

You can even make your own chair covers using the wedding tulle. It takes about three yards to create a flowing drape over a chair. After draping the material around the chair, you can then wrap a wide ribbon around the back of the chair to hold the fabric in place.

If you are using ready made chair covers, just add a tulle bow around the chair back for added color.

Picture of pink tulle bow attached to side of table.


Create a gazebo out of tulle or any chiffon-like fabric!

The columns are created by suspending heavy cord or white plastic clothesline from the ceiling to the floor.

Starting at the ceiling, gather the fabric around the suspended line by tying it tightly to the line with ribbon every 2 or 3 feet.

To make the top of the gazebo, sew together four widths of 60 inch fabric by about seven yards long. Thread a heavy fishing line through a 6 inch section at the center of this square piece and draw the fabric up to the ceiling, creating a pointed roof. Then bring the corners of the fabric over to meet the four columns; tie them to the vertical lines supporting the columns.


Kissing balls can be made by cutting 4 inch squares of tulle. You will need around 60 squares per ball.

Take one of the tulle squares and make a point in the center of the material. Using a styrofoam ball, punch a hole in the ball with a pencil - going about a 1/4 of an inch into the ball. Put fabric glue in the hole and stick the point of the tulle square into the hole.

Cover the ball completely with the squares of fabric.


One of the most popular ways to use tulle is with your favors. 

An easy idea is to use a circle of the material and fill it with candy almonds. Tie the top off with a ribbon and attach a cute card to the ribbon. The favor can be placed inside each guest's goblet.

Or to show that the bride and groom are a "perfect pear", gather a circle of tulle around a fresh pear, and tie it with two shades of satin ribbon. Center one of these favors of wrapped fruit on each guest's plate.

For The Get Away Car

An easy tulle wedding decoration for the "get away" car for the bride and groom is to use a giant bow.

Pictur of wedding car with pink tulle bow on front fender.

Attach the bow to the car hood with two-sided tape. It is easy to remove and will not damage the automobile.

Your Cat or Dog

If you are planning to include your pet in the wedding ceremony, tie a tulle bow around your pet's collar. Or make a small skirt out of the fabric for your pet to wear.


Tulle can be used to achieve many moods and themes at a very low cost.

By adding beads, ribbons or glitter spray, you can make your tulle wedding decorations special and unique.

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