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Second Marriage Toasts

Many believe that second marriage toasts should not mention that either party has been married before - whether by divorce or death.

However, to keep the guests from second guessing among themselves, it may be easier to just mention it in a toast.

Couples entering into a second marriage often have many more issues to deal with than they did the first time around, such as, children and ex-spouses that may not be accepting of the union.

A toast is a good time to show your support for this couple.

Try to keep your toast short, happy and slightly humorous.

You can also use the same wording that is used in many of the free speech examples. Just change some of the words to make the speech appropriate for this situation.

Always add a personal experience you have had with the couple to your speech to make it special.


Picture of man giving a wedding toast during reception.

Below are a few examples of toasts where one partner was previously married.

(Bride's name), for you this is a first marriage-a time of joy and hope. For (Groom's name), this is a second marriage. After meeting you, even with all the difficulties of his first marriage, he decided to give it another chance.


(Groom's name), for you this is a first marriage. This is a time of expectations and hope. For (Bride's name) it is a second marriage. (Groom's name), you must be especially honored today, because she loves you so much that despite all the difficulties she experienced in her first marriage, she decided to try it again.


(Bride's name), you may not realize the advantages of marrying a man who already knows the problems that can occur during a marriage. This is someone who does not take anything for granted and who appreciates being given a second chance at happiness.


Today your lives were joined as one. From this day forward, may your burdens be lighter, may your joys multiply tenfold, and may your lives be doubly rich because of the commitment you made today.


Please join me in a toast to (Bride's name) and (Groom's name). We wish you all the joy you deserve from this day forward--the best is yet to come.



If you are a person who it is very hard for you to get up in front of others to speak, then you might like one of these short toasts.

A Second Marriage: To the triumph of hope over experience.
~Samuel Johnson~


You only get married for the second time once.
~Garrison Keillor~


Here's to the happy man: All the world loves a lover.
~Ralph Waldo Emerson~


Here's to the husband - and here's to the wife:
May they remain lovers for life.


There is no remedy for love but to love more.
~Henry David Thoreau~

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