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Sample Wedding Toasts

These sample wedding toasts and speeches can help you personalize a toast that you are giving at a friend or relatives wedding.

For some people it is very difficult to give a wedding toast. Even when you are really close to the bride and groom finding the right words to express your joy and best wishes can be hard to do.

Hopefully, these sample wedding toasts will help you find those special words.


A wedding is such a special and memorable occasion, so be sure to give your wedding toast respect and sincerity.

Here are a few tips to help you present your toast:

  • Always stand when offering a toast. Maintain eye contact with the bride and groom as you deliver the toast.
  • You may use note cards. However, never read your toast. The toast should sound unrehearsed.
  • Use personal anecdotes, bits of poetry, and quotations to enhance your toast.
  • Avoid inappropriate jokes, foul language or any embarrassing references to the couple.
  • Your toast should be upbeat and last between three to five minutes. Any longer than that and you will lose people's attention.
  • Check in advance of the wedding to see what order you are to give your toast.
  • Practice your wedding toast often before the wedding reception.
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Below are a few sample wedding toasts to help get you started in writing your own toast. These sample wedding toasts are basic and traditional.

We all raise our glasses to you as we toast your future. May the joy and happiness of this day remain with you throughout your married life.


May your good times be plenty, your sad times be few;

May your love grow brighter with each day, and with each day begin anew.


To Fate that brought you together and to Love that will keep you happy forever. Congratulations!


Here's a toast to the bride and groom. I believe love can last forever and grow even stronger with time, and that's what I am wishing for you today.


Bride's name and groom's name, it is said that the greatest happiness is sharing one life and one love forever. Here's to the greatest happiness.


Please stand with me as we toast bride's name and groom's name. Today your lives were joined as one. From this day forward, may your burdens be lighter, may your joys multiply tenfold, and may your lives be doubly rich because of the commitment you made today. Here's to the beautiful couple.


To passion, adventure, and friendship.

To devotion, laughter, and love...

To your marriage and the promise of a wonderful life.


Here's to Love!


Humorous Wedding Toasts


There may be times that you feel the need to give a speech instead of a toast.

Below are some examples to help you get started.

We are so honored to be here with you today, to share your joy and to bask in your love. This is a very special day, your wedding day, the day you have looked forward to for so long. And to think that this is only the beginning--just imagine that! I wish you a lifetime of love, a happy home and great success in all you do. May you share equally in each other's love, and may all your troubles be little ones. Congratulations!


To the Bride and Groom:

May you have the courage to create a life unique to your vision of the world.

May you have the tolerance to allow the other to grow, according to his or her own path, and at his or her own pace.

May you understand that self protection does not mean mistrust.

May you grow beyond the limits of your individual egos to fully surrender to love.

And may you both embrace the love that forms the center of your union.


A toast to our bride and groom:

Perfect, total love between a man and woman is like a flaming ball of fire, composed of four layers.

The outer layer of the ball of love is the flame of passion for one another. May you possess it all of your lives.

The second layer of the ball is that of liking each other, with its ebbs and flows. May your ebbs always be less frequent than your flows.

The third layer is that of friendship. May you always find your best friend in each other.

The fourth and inner layer is the hard, firm core of Decision, shown to us perfectly by our Lord. This is the same love found in the Bible, in Corinthians 13. May you be constant in your decision to love each other always. And may you have this perfect, total love forever.


A wedding consists of many things: ribbons and rings, music and vows, flowers and lace. But what would it all mean without its essence: your love and commitment to each other. That's why this day is special, and as I offer this toast to you, bride's name and groom's name, I do so with my sincere congratulations and this wish: that your love and commitment to each other this day will bring you all the good, sweet things a marriage should bring. To bride's name and groom's name.


A commitment should last forever, and life should always be this good. But when times are hard and the road is rough, remember the words you spoke today, remember the way you feel right now, and try to forgive. Sometimes that's all we have to give. For to love is to learn, and to learn is to forgive. Best wishes to you both, and may your love be long-lived.


It has occurred to me that certain people just seem destined to find each other, and I know that everyone in this room realizes this is true with bride's name and groom's name. Not only do they understand and believe in each other, but they fill each other's needs and support each other's dreams. To two lucky people who found each other in time!


What is true love? True love is a love that's timeless, giving and growing. It's a love that's shared between two hearts through any circumstance of life--through the hopes, through the fears, through the joys and the tears. What is true love? It's a love that needs no words to explain it, but is demonstrated through the hearts and lives of a man and woman. It's the kind of love we see here today between bride's name and groom's name. May your love be eternal.


Always Personalize 

Hopefully, one of these sample wedding toasts or speeches will be what you were looking for.

Don't forget to personalize your toast! This will make your toast special and memorable.

And most importantly -- relax and enjoy the moment!

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