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Wedding Praise Dance

The praise dance has recently made a reappearance into religious and other celebratory occasions and is increasing in popularity at weddings.

This type of dance expresses joy and thanksgiving before God.

Many feel that this is a very special way to give thanks to God for the wonderful person he has given you to marry.

Besides praise dance, there are many different terms used to describe this type of dancing, such as, liturgical dance, biblical dance, or worship dance.

The dances can range from an improvised single individual dance to a choreographed dance with numerous participants.

Streamers, flags, and tambourines are often used during the dance.

Praise Dance Music

The dances can be accompanied by many different types of music.

The dancer will respond with a dance that flows out of the music and words to the song.

Some favorite songs used for a wedding worship dance are:

When To Dance

During The Ceremony

Since many people feel that the praise dance enhances the worship experience, couples often choose to have the dancer perform before or during their wedding ceremony.

The dance can help set the mood for the ceremony and can add elegance to your wedding day. So, be sure to choose your music wisely.

Some suggestions are to have the dancer go up the aisle then back down to announce the entrance of the bride. This looks nice and it helps convey a message of ministry to you and your husband.

Or she can dance prior to the seating of the grandparents. This will let the guests know that wedding is beginning.

During the Reception

There are some people who feel that this type of dance has no place in a worship service. So, some couples are choosing to have the dance performed at their reception.

There are two popular ways to have the dance performed during the reception. One is to have the praise dancer pay tribute to the bride and groom during the meal. The other is for the bride and groom to do a worship dance together before their traditional first dance.


While spontaneous dance is wonderful and important, there are times when choreography is essential. A wedding is one of those times when you would want a well put together dance or the dance might look amateurish.

The choreography should be a blending of traditional dance steps and interpretive movement that help to tell the story you are wanting to convey.

A Christian Wedding Honors God

David danced before Jehovah with all his might.” - Samuel 6:14
“Let them praise his name in dance;” - Psalm 149:3

Dancing for the sake of celebration and to express praise and joy is wonderful.

The Old Testament mentions numerous times when dancing was used to express one’s thankfulness to the Lord.

Having a liturgical dancer perform for your wedding, whether during the ceremony or reception, is a wonderful way to express joy and thanksgiving before God and before your guests.

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