Italian Wedding Toasts

An Italian wedding reception is a joyous and boisterous celebration.

Anytime there is a lull in the celebrations, someone will shout out an Italian wedding toast to get the festivities going again.


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Italians love their traditions and toasting the newlyweds during a wedding reception is one tradition that is enjoyed by all.

Before the reception dinner even begins, the best man will serve sweet liquor and other strong drinks to the guests.

This tradition allows the guests a chance to begin toasting the newly married couple.

During the reception, each member of the wedding party and all guests may give a toast to honor the newlyweds. Each toast is then followed by loud applauds and cheers.

Toasts and Blessings

Below are a few of the more popular Italian toasts and blessings.


  • Viva L'amor! - The English translation is "Long live love!"
  • L'amore e per sempre or L'amore e eterna - The English translation is "Love is Forever!"
  • Amore e gelosia nacquero insieme - The English translation is "Without jealousy there is no love."
  • Per cent'anni! - The English translation is "For one hundred years!" This Italian wedding blessing is often shouted by the guests to salute the happy couple prior to the reception dinner.
  • Evviva Gli Sposi - The English translation is "Long live the newlyweds!" or "Hurray to the newlyweds!". This Italian toast is often shouted out whenever there may be a lull in the festivities.
  • Un Bacio Per La Sposa - The English translation is "Kiss for the bride". When this Italian toast is shouted, the bride and groom must stand and show their affections for each other in front of all the guests.
  • Auguri e figli maschi! - The English translation is "Congratulations and may you have male children!"
  • Aguri! - The English translation is "Best Wishes!"
  • Alla tua salute! - The English translation is "To your health!"

Poems and Readings

Spice a dish with love and it pleases every palate.

- Plautus

Your Toast

Hopefully, you will be able to use one of these toasts at the next Italian wedding that you attend.

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