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Father Wedding Toasts

As the father of the bride or groom, you will be required to give a couple of father wedding toasts - one at the rehearsal dinner and one at the wedding reception.

Even though most of these toasts are for the father of the bride, they can be adapted for the groom's father or for any mothers who may be giving a speech too.

Be sure to personalize your toast!


During your toast speak from your heart.

Be sure to honor the newly married couple in your toast but focus mostly on your daughter.

Look at your daughter as you are talking and tell her what she means to you and share some fond memories. Then offer a toast to the newlywed's happiness.

Three to five minutes is the recommended length for the father wedding toasts. Anything longer than this will lose the guests interest.

More information on the duties and responsibilities of the father of the bride

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Below are a couple of examples of father wedding toasts.

Feel free to add more humor to your speech, if that is your personality style.

You can also add more childhood memories of your daughter.

The main thing to remember is to speak to your daughter from your heart.

Once you start writing your speech, the thoughts and memories will come and you will have a very special and memorable wedding toast that your daughter will always remember.

First Example

As the Father of the bride, it is my privilege to make this speech.

On behalf of (Wife's name) and myself, I would like to welcome all of the guests here today to what is the beginning of a wonderful journey between two very special people.

Let me start by saying how proud I am to have a daughter like (Daughter's name) and that she looks positively beautiful today. I can still remember thinking how beautiful she was the day she was born.

Besides being beautiful, I can think of so many other adjectives that describe our daughter. (Daughter's name) is very bright , articulate, organized, and caring. Her mother and I are so proud of all of her accomplishments. One accomplishment that we are particularly proud of (give an example of an accomplishment).

(Bride's name) is very choosy when it comes to men. So we know that (Groom's name) must be a very special person for (Bride's name) to choose him.

(Bride's name) takes commitment very seriously and I know she will make a wonderful wife for (Groom's name).

My wife and I would like to welcome you, (Groom's name), to our family and we look forward to getting to know you better.

While I don't propose to be wise, I would like to offer some advise to the newlyweds:

You must both realize that marriage isn't easy, but it's not impossible. A good marriage is not something you can create on your own without help from your partner. It is a joint venture. You must both work hard at it.

There is no challenge in a marriage that can not be overcome by the following three, three-word sentences.

They are:

  1. I was wrong!

  2. You were right!

  3. I love you!

Ladies and gentlemen, please stand, raise your glasses and join me in a toast to the newlyweds.

To my beautiful daughter, and her wonderful husband -- congratulations and may your lives together be a journey of adventure, learning, loving, growing, and happiness.


Second Example

Family and friends:

Welcome and thank you for sharing in (Bride's name) and (Groom's name) unforgettable day.

As (Bride's name) Dad, this day is very special for me. Today, I was able to witness my daughter get married. Doesn't she look absolutely beautiful? And (Groom's name), you look okay too.

(Bride's name) has always been a beautiful girl...I can still remember thinking how beautiful she was the day she was born.

(Bride's name) is a very special young woman. She is very bright, articulate, energetic and caring.

Her mother and I are so very proud of her and her accomplishments. (You can give an example.)

What makes today even more special for (Bride's name) mother and me is that we just watched our daughter marry a young man whom we greatly admire. We are very pleased to call (Groom's name) our son-in-law.

And, it is no wonder (Groom's name) is such a great guy; he comes from a great family.

I think that (Bride's name) and (Groom's name) have each grown as individuals as they have grown closer as a couple. When they are together, (Bride's name) and (Groom's name) appear entirely at ease and utterly in love. I don't know how better to put it than they just seem to be so right for each other.

(Bride's name) and (Groom's name), I wish you the best this world has to offer and most importantly, I wish you beautiful children, who will enrich your lives as much as you have enriched your parent's lives.



You may also want to look at generic wedding toasts for some more ideas.

There may be quotes or ideas from these toasts that would be appropriate for you to use in your father wedding toast.


If you are not much of a speech person, you can also give a shorter father wedding toast, which is just a shorter version of the above speeches.

Below are some examples of father wedding toasts that you might want to use.


All the years (Bride's name) was growing up, we knew that someday this day would come -- her wedding day. This is a very special day for us, as well as for (Bride's name) and (Groom's name), because it's a dream come true. You see, (Bride's name), it means so much to us to know you've found the right guy and to see you so happy.

Go with our blessing, and may all your dreams come true.


(Bride's name), what a joy you have been to your Mom and me. Every age and every stage of your growing-up years was very special to us. You have given us so much happiness, and today we want you to know how very much you are loved.

It is time for you to leave your Mom and Dad now and to take this gentleman by the hand and live with him for the rest of your life. We hope and pray you will be as happy as you have made us.

Here's to (Bride's name) and (Groom's name).


(Wife's name) and I would like to welcome you all here today and tell you how pleased we are to see our daughter looking so happy.

Of course, we have lost a daughter today, but we entrust her to (Groom's name) care without reservation, knowing how he loves her and wants only the best for her. We've gotten to know (Groom's name) pretty well over the last few months, and we are convinced that he is the right man for (Bride's name). He is an honest, sincere man of integrity-charming and reliable. He has all the attributes we could have hoped for.

So please stand with me as we wish them a happily married life together.

To (Bride's name) and (Groom's name).


(Bride's name), I will never forget the day you were born. I was filled with joy and wonder as I looked down into your precious little face. Today is another special day - a day that marks the start of your new life together with (Groom's name).

May your future be as bright with hope as the day you came into our lives.

To the beautiful bride, my daughter, (Bride's name).


I would like to propose a toast to our new son-in-law. You know it is said that to lose a daughter is to gain a son, and we are proud to have you as a part of our family.

Here is to my new son!



I would like to propose a toast to all of you, and especially to (Groom's Name) family and friends. What a splendid day this has turned out to be -- everything has gone so well.

(Wife's Name) and I would like to thank you for coming to help us celebrate the marriage of our beautiful daughter, (Bride's name), and our handsome new son-in-law, (Groom's name).

We have known quite a number of you for many years, and others we have met for the first time today, but we thank you all for coming.



Hopefully, one of these father wedding toasts is just what you were looking for.

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