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DIY Aisle Runner

DIY aisle runners are very easy and economical to make.

Wedding aisle runners are very popular at today's weddings. They help to add a personal touch to the entire wedding ceremony.

Easy To Make

If you are having an outdoor wedding, an aisle runner can be used to designate where you will walk. Plus, it will help to keep your dress clean.

A wedding runner is easy to make from scratch or you can purchase an aisle runner from a craft store for under $50 and personalize it.



Purchase the material for your aisle runner in the desired length and width of the area that you want to cover. Most purchased aisle runners come 40 inches wide x 75 feet long.

A couple of good fabric choices to use are cotton muslin or a sturdy canvas fabric.

Once you have purchased the material in the length and color of your choice, you will need to finish the edges. You can either sew a hem or add a decorative edge with lace or satin.

Picture of a cream wedding aisle in chapel lined by wooden pillars.

How To Monogram Your Aisle Runner

To personalize your wedding aisle runner, you can create a monogram or a personal design that matches the theme of your wedding.

personalized aisle runners

Use PowerPoint to generate a monogram.

  • Insert a separate text box for each letter onto a slide. Enlarge the design to fit the entire slide. Print the monogram as large as possible and then take it to a copy store to create a larger image.

Trace the monogram onto the runner

  • Use acrylic paint in your wedding colors and a brush to transfer the design onto the runner. This can take several hours, so be sure and allow enough time.

Other Designs

Other popular design ideas for your diy aisle runner are - Scripture passages, poems, flowers, and fleur-de-lis.

To Store Your DIY Aisle Runner

  • Use a cardboard tube at least 38 inches long to roll the runner on. You can use the mailing tubes that you get from UPS or the US post office.
  • You will need to put two or more together to get the desired length. Keep them in place with tape. Put the smooth edges on the outside.
  • Tape one end of the runner to the tube and then roll the runner onto the tube. Run a ribbon through the tube and tie a knot to create a pull cord.
  • Roll out the runner on the day of your wedding.

Unique Wedding Ideas for Your Aisle Runner

Picture of white aisle runner covered in red rose petals

  • Cover the entire aisle runner with flower petals or cover just the edges of the runner with the petals.
  • If you are having a beach themed wedding, cover the edges and sides of the runner with sea shells.
  • For an Autumn themed wedding, line the edges of the runner with pumpkins and gourds.
  • Instead of flower petals, you could also cover the runner with colorful leaves in red, yellow and orange.
  • For a winter wedding, set poinsettias or pine cones along the edge of the aisle.
  • Use flameless LED candles along the edge of the runner for a dramatic look.

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