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Country Style Wedding

A country style wedding is a comfortable and relaxed celebration and there are lots of inexpensive and simple ideas to help you plan that perfect day.

Most country weddings are held outside or inside a barn.


Picture of barn for country style wedding


Have you always dreamed of having an outdoor wedding? Or is a Western wedding with cowboy boots and horses what you have envisioned?

Whatever your dream, once you find the perfect setting, let your vision come to life.

To find your perfect venue look for a ranch, farm, or an outdoor garden to use as your location.


Picture of a barn with horses in the field to use for a country style wedding venue.

If you have always wanted a country wedding but don't want to take a chance on the weather, then look for an indoor venue.

A small country church or rustic inn are both great places to have your ceremony.

Or rent a barn for your ceremony and reception.


Even if you live in the middle of a large city, you can still have a country setting.

There are banquet halls that you could decorate to resemble the inside of a barn or check to see if there is a country/western themed bar that will let you rent their space for your wedding.

Picture of a western bar that can be used for a country style wedding.

A city park is also a great place for a country wedding.


Picture of bales of hay, yellow and orange mums with pumpkins for a country wedding decorations

It is easy to westernize indoor and outdoor spaces.

For a casual wedding, use picnic tables and cover them with gingham-checked tablecloths.

For a more formal wedding, go ahead and use the white linens.

For your centerpieces, fill old mason jars or ceramic pitchers with wildflowers. Use hurricane lamps with large pillar candles inside.

If you found an old barn to use hang lanterns from the rafters for a romantic effect.

Picture of the inside of a barn decorated with streamers and lanterns.

Be sure to place plenty of bales of hay for people to sit on.

You can use milk cans or buckets filled with flowers for table decorations.

Picture of large yellow sunflowers placed in a water pail for a country wedding flower arrangement.

More Decorating Ideas

  • Hang grapevine wreaths on the doors.

  • Place horseshoes on tables or hang them on the walls.

  • Galvanized wash tubs can be used to hold cold beverages.

  • If you have or know someone who has a handmade quilt, hang it on a wall for an added country feel.
  • If you are getting married in the fall (a beautiful time to get married in the country), use pumpkins, dried corn and fall leaves in your decorations.
Picture of a country style wedding decorations with bales of hay and wild flowers.
  • For a winter country theme, use pine boughs and pine cones to decorate your site. You can also place ice skates and winter muffs on walls for a special touch.

  • If there is a large fireplace, place your eating tables around it for a cozy, intimate feel.


Picture of bride and groom during a country wedding

Country style wedding dresses are flowing and comfortable.

The bride can choose a traditional white wedding dress or a more western-inspired attire, such as a calf-length, handkerchief-bottom dress.

A lace top with a long skirt would also work.

Picture of bride's attendants at a country style wedding wearing cowboy boots.
There are many places where you can purchase a western styled dress, such as Sat'n Spurs Western Wear.


To save money and to go with the country wedding theme use wildflowers or other local flowers for your table decorations and for your bouquet.

Picture of a country style wedding bouquet made from local wild flowers.


Picture of bride and groom marrying outdoors

The groom can wear anything from a western tux, brocade or leather vest, banded collar shirts and neck-wear ranging from string ties to neck scarves.

Of course, he should wear the traditional cowboy hat and boots.

However, since a country style wedding is a relaxed celebration, both men and women may choose to wear jeans as their wedding attire - the bride could wear white jeans and the groom could wear black.


Picture of chili served on red gingham tablecloth at a western themed wedding.

Food is an important part of a country style wedding.

There should be plenty of familiar food served buffet or family style during the reception.

For an extremely casual event, you might consider a potluck meal.

Instead of a gift, ask your guests to bring one of their specialty dishes. On your reply cards ask the guest if they would like to contribute a dish. If so, request the name of the dish.

With this information you can make a menu card with each dish listed and your guests will know if they are sampling Aunt Becky's fried chicken or Uncle Joe's barbecued ribs.

Picture of fried chicken, deviled eggs and potatoe salad served at a country wedding

Or you could have boxed meals for an old-fashioned outdoor-afternoon wedding.

Choose items that hold up well; such as, fried chicken, sandwiches, fruit, cheese, and brownies. Package them in decorated boxes or brown bags.

Be sure to include napkins and cutlery.

And don't forget the punch!

Get more ideas on county style menus here.

Country Music

Music is the heart of any event and this is especially true at a country wedding.

A small band with a fiddle player is always fun or play your favorite country and western songs.

Get help in finding that perfect song to play as you walk down the aisle or for your first dance here.


Picture of bride and groom arriving to reception in a horse-drawn buggy.

This is where the bride and groom can really have some fun!

The bride might choose to arrive in a horse drawn buggy or sleigh.

The happy couple could leave on a decorated tractor or for a cowboy theme wedding, they could leave on horseback.

You could even offer hayrides for your guests during the reception.

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