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Bridal Shower Decoration Ideas

Are you looking for unique bridal shower decoration ideas?

Today most bridal showers have a theme surrounding them.

Which is great because themed bridal showers are fun, easy to plan, and even easier to decorate.

Less Is Best When Planning Your Bridal Shower Decorating Ideas

Use playful accents when decorating for a shower.

Color coordinate with matching plates, cups, and napkins.

Paper Products

Paper products are economical and can be purchased at any party supply store.

They also make cleaning up easy.

Paper products can include:

  • Invitations
  • Paper plates
  • Paper cups
  • Plastic flatware
  • Napkins
  • Tablecloths
  • Crepe paper

Other coordinating products to purchase for your bridal shower can include:

  • Balloons
  • Rolls of veil material
  • Precut veil (for making party favors)
  • Silk flowers


Using Photos

Picture of mantle with photos for a bridal shower decoration idea.

Place photos of the bride and groom on a table with the guest signing book.

If you have pictures that were taken during the wedding planning, like the engagement party and dress shopping, set these pictures out too.

A Themed Bridal Shower

Picture of a blue heart ornament used to decorate for a wedding shower.

Go with a theme when planning your shower. It makes decorating a lot easier.

For example, if you are having a bridal shower near Christmas, use holiday decorations.

Or, if you are having a Victorian Tea Party shower, you could include hearts, lace, roses, and fans. Set out a tea set, antique cups and saucers, old-fashioned tongs and tea balls.

When possible, use decorations that you already have to save money.

Decorating With Candles

Picture of three purple candles floating in crystal bowl used for a bridal shower decoration.

Candles are an economical way to decorate.

Use candles that match your shower colors or use contrasting colors.

Try to find interesting candle holders to use. You can even decorate the candle holders yourself to go along with your shower theme.

Decorating With Balloons

Picture of multi-colored balloons used in decorating a bridal shower.

Balloons symbolize a party and are also an economical way to decorate. They splash a lot of color around the room and are a great substitute for flowers.

Use helium filled balloons as part of the centerpiece for the buffet table. Be sure to tie several balloons to the bride's chair.

Use helium filled balloons to cover the ceiling of the room. Or use balloons with long ribbons attached that have a wedding ornament tied to the end of the ribbon.

Table Decorations

Picture of white candle with green pebbles scattered on table for bridal shower decoration idea.

Keep your table decorations simple.

First figure out what colors you want to use. Then you can decide what flowers to use for your centerpiece.

The Table

Picture of table decorations with different tiers for a bridal shower.

If you are using a buffet table, make the table more interesting by using different tier levels to place the food on.

You can do this by covering heavy books with linen napkins. Or you can place the books under the tablecloth and work the cloth in and around the books.

Stack three or four large books slightly off center on your table for your centerpiece. You can even run garland from the centerpiece down to one or more corners on the table.

Use pillar candles with floral wreaths, miniature topiaries, flower petals, personalized picture frames, or wine glasses on mirrors as other table decorating ideas.

The Seat Of Honor

The bride is the guest of honor, so be sure she has a special place to sit.

Decorate a chair in advance with balloons, flowers and streamers.


In some areas, it is a tradition for the hostess to set up a "Wishing Well" at the bridal shower.

These wells can be rented or borrowed.

Or you can make your own. It is very easy to improvise with a child's wagon, a basket, or a large box.

Be sure to let your guests know that they need to bring small household items, such as, pot holders, wooden spoons, recipes...etc to put in the well.

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