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60th Wedding Anniversary Ideas

Are you looking for 60th Wedding Anniversary ideas to help you plan a very special celebration for your parents or grandparents?

A sixtieth anniversary is such a joyous occasion to share with family and friends. But like all special events, it requires a vision and a plan.

Here are a few ideas to help get you started in planning a very memorable party.


The health of the couple will be a deciding factor in where and how big a party to have.

An informal dinner party held at a relative's home or a favorite restaurant would be a great idea.

However, if the couple resides in a nursing home or retirement community, then hold the celebration there and invite all the residents. Everyone will have a great time!

If any of the attendants from the original wedding are able to attend, this would be a wonderful surprise for the couple.

Another nice surprise would be to have a limo pick up the anniversary couple and deliver them to the party.

Picture of a 1950's bride and her attendants.


Decorations are important in helping to set the mood of any party. If you choose a theme for your anniversary party, then decorating becomes easy.

For example, you could choose a theme that represents the year or decade that the couple was married in.

Or you could choose a Valentine's Day theme and decorate with hearts, roses and candles.

A fairy tale theme using plenty of sparkling lights is another great decorating idea.

Below are a few more decorating ideas:

  • Hang silver garland and white wedding bells around the room.
  • On the cake table use a white cloth and scatter plastic "diamond" rings around the table top.
  • Place a wedding picture and a recent picture of the couple on the table.
  • Make a "Wedding Memory Board" to display pictures of the couple's life. Include baby pictures, wedding pictures, children, places, pets, ... etc. Use plenty of sparkling glitter and rhinestones to add "bling" to the board. Display the memory board in a prominent place, so that guests can look at the pictures as they arrive.
  • For centerpieces, take old photos of family, friends, pets and places the couple lived or visited and cut them into flower shapes. Attach these cutouts to pipe cleaners and stick into decorated flower pots. Everyone will enjoy looking at these very special "flowers"
  • If you are planning a formal party, use plenty of white roses to go with the "Diamond Anniversary" theme.
  • Consider purchasing personalized champagne flutes for the couple to use during the toasts.


Picture of 60th wedding anniversary cake.

A very memorable 60th wedding anniversary idea is to duplicate the original wedding cake that the couple had 60 years ago.

Or have a cake made with a very large diamond ring on top.

Another idea is to have a cake made in the shape of a hobby the couple has enjoyed together, such as, a sailboat or golf bag.


The traditional gift for the 60th year anniversary is diamonds. However, do not feel that you have to purchase diamond jewelry for the couple.

A perfect gift for the couple is a "Memory Scrapbook". Make the scrapbook with 60 pages of pictures and notes from family and friends.

Some other 60th anniversary gift ideas:

  • Gift certificate to a favorite restaurant.
  • Make a CD with songs that were popular the year the couple was married.
  • If the couple likes to watch movies, purchase a couple of DVD movies that were popular the year the couple was married.
  • If you live in the United States, you can request an anniversary greeting from the White House.
  • Make coupons that offer to help with chores.
  • Give a maid service gift certificate to help with cleaning.
  • The couple, who loves to read or watch movies, might enjoy a Kindle.

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