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10th Anniversary Ideas

Below are some 10th anniversary ideas to help you celebrate your first full decade together.

As you begin the next ten years together, take time to honor the past ten.

Party Ideas

Traditionally, the tenth anniversary is associated with tin or aluminum.

These symbols suggest an informal get-together with close friends and family.

So, a picnic or a barbecue would be a great idea for a 10th anniversary party.


Set up a long table and serve the food buffet style. Place a blue or red checkered tablecloth on the table to go with the casual theme.

Picture of yellow daffodils against blue sky.

Daffodils, which are the symbolic 10th anniversary flower, can be arranged in a tin coffee can for your centerpiece.

Hang tin wind-chimes in surrounding trees.

Place beverages in a aluminum tub filled with ice. You can also use a second metal tub for guests to put gifts in as they arrive.

Wrap brownies in aluminum foil to give to your guests as they leave.

Music Ideas

Play songs that were popular the year you were married or stay with the country theme and play country music love songs.

Some popular wedding anniversary songs to include in your tenth anniversary celebration are:

Make A CD

Another 10th anniversary idea is to make a CD of the songs that you are going to play at your party and give them to your guests as favors.

More Ideas

Other Ways to Celebrate Your 10th Wedding Anniversary

Wedding anniversaries are very special and many people prefer to spend their anniversaries with just each other.

If you choose to stay home together, rent movies that were popular the year you were married or during the time you were dating.

After a special meal, cuddle up and watch these movies together. It will bring back memories of special times.

Or go to the hotel where you had your wedding reception for a special meal or visit the place of your first date.

A 10 year anniversary is a good time to go down "memory lane" together. Try to remember all the good and happy times that you have had together during the past decade.

A Cruise

If you have always talked about taking a cruise together, then a tenth anniversary is a great time to do that.

Or if you were married during the winter months and would like to get away to a sunnier spot, then why not now?

There are many 10 day cruises that would be fun and romantic for a 10th anniversary celebration.

But if you can't be gone that long, a 3-day cruise is a lot of fun too!

10 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

Here are a few 10th wedding anniversary gift ideas:

Get more 10th anniversary gift ideas.

A Few Unique Anniversary Ideas

A ten year anniversary is a very special event.

However, many couples will have children by now. So, getting away or spending a lot of money to celebrate is not always an option.

Here are a few inexpensive ideas to help you celebrate this very special anniversary.

  • Since the daffodil is the 10th anniversary flower, purchase a gift that has daffodils on it.
  • Place 10 red roses or daffodils in a pewter vase. One for each year of marriage.
  • Give each other 10 small gifts.
  • Wrap your gift in aluminum foil.
  • This is a good time to make a memory photo album of the first 10 years of your marriage.

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